How our process works:

We begin by sending you a detailed questionnaire to fill in. As soon as you fill it in and return it, we will get started on your cover.

We’ll use the information you provide to create 2-3 interpretations of your cover. This typically takes 1-2 weeks.

We will also do additional market research using the information you’ve provided us as a starting point, to help us create a cover that is a fusion of your vision and sound book marketing principles.

We will send you these interpretations and provide you an opportunity to give us feedback on them. Each file will be named so that you can easily reference them, i.e. “Mark I, Mark II,” etc. You can either pick one direction that you like or, a hybrid of two of more, by identifying the elements you like from some. You can also point out elements you don’t like and suggest changes to them that would make them work better.

We will continue in this fashion for three rounds.

Typically, round 2 is a refinement on round 1 and takes about 5-8 days. For example, if you liked Mark II and identified elements you liked from Mark I and III, as well as some broader suggestions for changes to font or background, etc., then round 2 would then present sub-variants of Mark II with all these principles in mind.

Round 3 tends to be very subtle details and typically takes us 2-4 days. Your feedback during round 3 will then be used to create polish up and finalize your cover.

If you are having a print cover created, the ebook cover is created by cropping the right side of the full jacket cover, hence we will work with a full jacket cover throughout the process (this means spine and back of book are all laid out in a landscape display, with back of book on the left and spine in the middle), then create the ebook file as a last step.

We will need to know the exact dimensions of your book as determined by the PDF template generated on CreateSpace (, since this affects the exact dimensions of the spine and the height/width of the front/back cover.

Upon completion, you will be sent several files:

  • (For print+ebook package only) .png and .jpeg of the full print jacket (adjusted to specifications by CreateSpace PDF template)
  • (For print+ebook package only) .png and .jpeg of a smaller web version of the full print jacket (for use in ads online)
  • .png and .jpeg of your full publication size ebook cover (2400px by 1600px), cropped from the right half of the full jacket
  • .png and .jpeg smaller size of your ebook cover (for quicker loading while sharing on web, blogs, or social media)

Should you require any help with formatting or the publication process, please consult our publishing services division: